How to get the LZ Answerer Lightsaber in Resident Evil Village

It’s over, Miranda, I have the high ground.

Resident Evil has always been a great series when it comes to providing lots of fun and hilarity after the initial experience of the campaign is complete. Resident Evil Village is no different and provides players with a way to get a Lightsaber that they can wield if they are good enough.

The Lightsaber, called the LZ Answerer, is quite tough to get, but players who are dedicated will be able to get their hands on it. The first thing to do is finish up the campaign once. This will unlock additional modes and content that you will need to get the Lightsaber.

Once the initial campaign has been completed, head to the main menu, Extra Content Shop, and then purchase the Mercenaries Mode. The next step is the hardest part, as players will need to obtain an SS Rank in every stage of Mercenaries mode.

Once this has been done, they can go back to the Extra Content Shop and purchase the LZ Answerer, which will be available. After they get into a new game, they can then visit the Duke and purchase it from him for 200 Lei.

The Lightsaber will give off great visual effects, the traditional sounds, and can be used in a single blade or double blade mode. A range of colors is also available. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cut through enemies like it would in the movies, but this is understandable given how much additional work that would have generated for the developers.