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How to get the map in Planet Crafter

It's not easy to get.

Navigating through the vast world of Planet Crafter can be challenging, and players might get lost occasionally. Fortunately, there is a map available in the game that players can utilize to make their way through the game. However, unlike many exploration games, the map is unavailable by default, and players must fulfill specific prerequisites to unlock it. If you want to get their hands on a map in Planet Crafter, refer to the guide below.

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How to unlock the map in Planet Crafter

To get the map in Planet Crafter, you need its blueprint first. Furthermore, the map you craft will only show you the local area, not the entire game’s area. To obtain the recipe, either begin by looting a Rocket Engine or achieve 175.00 kTI in Terraforming. This should be followed by unlocking the Launch Platform by achieving 345.00 kTI in Terraforming. Now, using Blueprint Microchips, unlock GPS Satellite T1 and Map Screen. Once done, launch GPS Satellite T1 into orbit and build the map. Finally, craft the Map Screen for the local area where you are at the time while crafting.

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It’s worth noting that Planet Crafter’s map is not up to the mark, and many areas are unnamed. Furthermore, it shows only the local area where you are at that point, and you’ll still have to rely on your navigational skills to explore. To pinpoint locations in Planet Crafter, you’ll also have to get familiar with the coordinates system. If you look at the bottom corner of your screen, you’ll see numbers such as 500:20:400. These represent the X, Y, and Z coordinates where it is placed in an X:Y:Z system.

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