How to get the Night-Time Spectacular Commendation in Sea of Thieves

Light up the sky for all to see.

Screenshot via Sea of Thieves YouTube

The Night-Time Spectacular Commendation in Sea of Thieves requires you to set off a display of five or more Fireworks at night. If you’re unsure whether you’ve done this or not, check by opening the menu, finding the Pirate Log, selecting Reputation, Bilge Rats, then Buried Treasures. Tab over to the second page, and it should be the second tile from the left on the first row. This guide tells you exactly how to complete it.

Gather Fireworks

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first thing you’ll have to do is find some Fireworks. They randomly spawn in Resource Barrels and Crates, so check all of the ones on the Outpost that you spawn at. If you haven’t found five after checking everything, either wait for the Barrels to restock or sail to another Outpost. For those who have ample amounts of Gold, you can also just buy a Fireworks Crate for 20,000 Gold from a Merchant Alliance representative at any Outpost.

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Light Up the Night Sky

Screenshot via Sea of Thieves YouTube

Once you have at least five Fireworks, wait until it’s nighttime and head back to your ship. Unload a Cannon, and remove all Cannonballs, Firebombs, and Blunderbombs from your Inventory. Now, load up on as many Fireworks as you can.

Enter the unloaded Cannon, point it up at the sky, hold Y to load the Cannon with Fireworks, and press Right Trigger (RT) to fire. There will be a delay as the fuse burns down, then the Fireworks will shoot off into the sky. After the first set of Fireworks is shot out, immediately reload the Cannon and fire the next set of Fireworks. Repeat this process as quickly as possible until you’ve fired five Fireworks into the air, completing the Night-Time Spectacular Commendation.