How to get the Oathbreaker & War Glaive in Fallout 76

Ever wonder how people are getting their hands on the War Glaive? Get yours today.


Image via Bethesda

Thanks to the Brotherhood of Steel, you can now prepare for war with the War Glaive. Since this weapon was released with the Steel Dawn update, people have been having an extremely hard time getting their hands on it. It is a worthwhile weapon for those who are able to get it. It is also one of the few weapons that can have elemental effects applied to it for increased damage. As always, cryo is the best since it actually slows enemies down on top of dealing extra damage.

How to obtain the Oathbreaker

The Oathbreaker is a legendary version of the War Glaive that you will get while completing the Brotherhood of Steel questline. Specifically, this weapon is given to you after completing the Over and Out quest. What makes this weapon so special is the amazing legendary effects it comes with. These are suppressing, power attack damage bonus, and cavaliers. These have the following effects:

  • Cavalier’s: Take 40% less damage while power attacking
  • Power Attack: 40% more power attack damage
  • Supressing: Reduce your target’s damage output by 20% for 3 seconds

How to obtain the War Glaive plans

The War Glaive isn’t a weapon that you can get right away. It takes quite a bit of farming. The plans for this weapon, like other weapons from the Steel Dawn update, are given as a reward for completing the Daily Ops missions. These missions give a guaranteed rare item if completed within the Elder Tier time limit. If completed on Initiate or Paladin Tier, the chance of getting a rare item is only 5% or 10%. It is best to take these challenges on while on a Daily Ops team. After the plan is learned, you can get legendary versions of it by completing event missions or by purchasing a random item from the Purveyor.