How to get the Open Word of Power in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Open sesame is a classic for a reason.

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The Open Word of Power is a unique ability you can unlock in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Words of Power are special abilities that allow you to explore the Abbey grounds, uncover secrets, and are needed to find all of the game’s many sets of collectible items. Midnight Suns has four Words of Power, and Open is the first one you obtain. Each power comes with an associated Moon Seal and Blood Gate mission you must complete to earn it. This guide will explain how to get the Open Word of Power in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

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How to unlock the Open Word of Power in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The Open Word of Power will be the first power you can earn with Hunter, your created character and leader of the group. These powers are used while exploring the Abbey grounds, a massive hub full of secrets and quests to find and complete.

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The first power, Open, will be earned by following the primary story campaign. After completing initial tutorials in the Abbey, you will get an objective to follow your demonic dog, Charlie, at night. You will visit a shrine, then be visited by the ghost of Agatha Harkness. She will talk to you about the lore and act as a guide for the Abbey and its secrets for the rest of the game.

After following her around the Abbey, you will end up at a massive gate with a symbol. These are Blood Gates, and you must complete the Challenge Mission inside to earn your new power. The first Blood Gate is a tutorial with a level requirement of one. Accept the mission, and you can begin the challenge.

How to complete the Oshtur Challenge Mission

Elder God Trials are special missions you must complete to appease the corresponding elder god they belong to. These missions are done with just Hunter and their demon dog, Charlie. This first battle is a good primer on the demonic enemies you will face in these trials and how to use your companion Charlie to his best ability.

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Take advantage of Knockback and Quick cards during this mission to quickly dispatch these hostile demons with ease. Charlie has a potent ability called “Howl.” This ability is an area of effect card that will cause all enemies to become Marked. Any Marked enemy that is defeated will refund your Card Play. If you use Howl and Marked properly, you can easily dispatch a large group of enemies without spending a single action in your current turn.

Dispatch the dogs to wrap up the mission and progress to earning the Open Word of Power. Inside the cavern you have gained access to, you can claim a Moon Seal floating on the pillar. Grab this seal, then place it in front of the statue to finish this quest and earn your first ability. To use this ability, open the power wheel with RT, highlight the Open power and release the button. Your character will act and open any sealed doors or hidden walls in front of you.

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After you open the sealed exit, you can freely explore the Abbey and use this power to open gates with the symbol pictured above on them. This ability can also open locked doors, so use it on any suspicious gate or wall, and you will often find powerful rewards hidden behind them.