How to get the Opportunity Isle Island Token in Lost Ark

Fish for your Island Token here.

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Lost Ark has a number of different collectibles in the game, each providing tons of important rewards such as Skill Point Potions and Mounts. One of these collectibles is Island Tokens, or Island Souls, which are drops found on the 95 different islands across the Lost Ark world. Islands are special locations you can reach through sailing, and each one drops an Island Token or Soul through a different method.

The Opportunity Isle Island Token is dropped through RNG after you complete a co-op quest found on the island. You’ll have to brush off the fishing rod for this quest, as the co-op quest heavily involves your group fishing for different golden carps.

Opportunity Isle Island Token

Here is the location of Opportunity Isle:

Screenshot by DoubleXP

On this island, you’ll complete a co-op quest with others who arrive at the island. The quest tasks your group with catching 250 Golden Crucian Carp. Don’t worry, you won’t have to collect these shiny fish on your own. Progress is shared with everyone on the island.

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Here is a location of all the fishing spots on the island:

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Once the quest completes, you will have a chance at receiving the Opportunity Isle Island Token as a random drop in the Angler’s Pouch. The Angler’s Pouch is an item you get for finishing the quest. Depending on the day you arrive, you can also get items such as Providence Stones or Gold as a reward. Even if you already have the soul, you might want to return here for the great rewards it provides. There are a number of Yellow Quests on the island as well, but they don’t give out Island Souls.

Note: As an Adventure Island, Opportunity Isle is not available every day. You have to check your in-game calendar to see whether or not Opportunity Isle is accessible on a given day. Be sure to keep your eyes out for when this prime fishing spot is open for you.