How to get the Opticor Vandal in Warframe

It’s worth it.


The Opticor Vandal in Warframe is a variant of the standard Opticor. The Vandal has improved critical chance and multiplier stats, improved status chance, reload speed, and a faster charge rate when firing. To balance this out, it lacks some of the raw damage of the standard Opticor.

To get the Opticor Vandal, you need to earn 100 points during the Thermia Fractures event on Orb Vallis. Once you have earned 100 points and earned the weapon, you cannot earn it again. The weapon also comes with a free weapon slot, and a catalyst already installed.

  • Master Rank – 14 (Can be used by anyone once they earn it through the event, regardless of MR)
  • Type – Primary
  • Fire Rate – 2 per second
  • Mag size – 8
  • Reload speed – 1.4
  • Charge time – .6 seconds
  • Critical chance – 24%
  • Critical Multiplier – 2.6x
  • Status Chance – 30%

The weapon has multiple damage profiles, depending on how much the weapon is charged before it is fired.

Charged Shot

  • Impact – 40
  • Puncture – 280
  • Slash – 80

The weapon also does 200 Magnetic damage in 4.6 meter area around the target area, with a maximum falloff of 60 percent at 4.6 meteres.

Quick Shot

  • Impact – 20
  • Puncture -140
  • Slash – 40

When coming up with a build for the Opticor Vandal, the focus should be on mods that improve raw damage, and critical stats. Unfortunately, the weapon still suffers from the damage cap on enemies like Lephantise, so it is not always the best option for every boss fight. The fast rate of fire still makes it a much better option in these fights than the standard Opticor.