Warframe Thermia Fractures Guide


The new Buried Debts event in Warframe has you trying to seal Thermia Fractures on Orb Vallis! It is well worth doing, as the final reward for this event is the Opticor Vandal! This fun version of the fan favorite weapon hits a little softer, but a whole lot more often, and is well worth getting.

Warframe Thermia Fractures Guide

Temple of Profit Map

The first thing you need to do is make your way to Orb Vallis. Either you can load in directly from your Navigator, or make your way there via the elevator in Fortuna. I would recommend doing this with a group of your fellow Tenno. Things can get a little frantic, and unless you have a particularly strong crowd-control and damage build on your Warframe, you might need the help.

Coolant Canister

Now, head for the Temple of Profit and you will see the Exploiter Orb wandering around. It will be followed by a group of small, spider-like robots known as Coolant Raknoids. You need to kill one of these Coolant Raknoids, and it will drop a coolant canister. Pick that up, then get out of dodge, as the Exploiter Orb puts out much damage, and you have no way to hurt it at the moment.

Take to the skies in your Archwing, and fly around Orb Vallis. Look for shooting jets of flame that will be coming from the surface, and head towards it. This is a Thermia Fracture. Land on it, and you will see an option to place your coolant canister in the Thermia Fracture. Once you do this, enemies will begin to spawn, and you need to defend the canister.

Thermia Fractures

Enemies come thick and fast here, so wipe them out, but do not stray too far from the canister. A sneaky group of enemies can wipe it out very quickly. Make sure to destroy any enemy beacons you see, as this will reduce the number of enemy spawns in the area.

Defend the canister until it reaches 100% on the indicator in the top left of the screen. Once the Thermia Fracture is sealed, you can pick up the canister, take to the skies and find another one. Do this four times in total to fill the canister, and earn yourself four pieces of Thermia.

Once you have finished with one canister, you can head back to the Temple of Profit to pick up another. Unless, of course, some smart person in your group has been bringing one with them all this time.

You will normally earn 1 point towards the 100 that you need for this event with each Thermia Fracture, but finishing a canister fully will earn you 7 in total. While it is a bit of a grind, those extra points add up quickly, and it should take you too long to get your hands on the Opticor Vandal.

Thermia Fracture Rewards

The rewards for this portion of the Buried Debts event are as follows:

  • 5 Points – Operation Buried Debts Emblem
  • 25 Points – Amalgam Shotgun Spazz and Amalgam Serration Mods
  • 50 Points – Amalgam Barrel Diffusion and Amalgam Organ Shatter Mods
  • 75 Points – Operation Buried Debts Sigil
  • 100 Points – Opticor Vandal (You want this!)

Thermia Fracture Hints And Tips

  • Do this in a group; it just makes life easier in many ways.
  • The usual good defense Warframes all work well here. Gara, Frost, Vauban should all do good work in this event.
  • Don’t wander too far from the canister when it is sealing the Fracture. It’s easy not to pay attention and have it get destroyed.
  • Three people can pretty easily defend the Fracture while the fourth one looks for new Fractures to speed things along.
  • You are going to be fighting Corpus, but also some of their heavily armored units, like the Jakal, so equip good weapons for the job.