How to get the Ossein Earthcraver Sparrow in Destiny 2

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Image via Bungie

The Ossein Earthcarver Sparrow is an exotic Sparrow in Destiny 2 that you can add to your collection, but it will be an extremely challenging way to unlock this Sparrow. You will need to make your way through the King’s Fall Raid by not only completing it but by completing it on Master difficulty. The Master difficulty will come with a series of secret triumphs you will need to complete for each encounter. This guide covers how to get the Ossein Earthcarver Sparrow in Destiny 2.

How to unlock the Ossein Earthcarver Sparrow

You can review the Ossein Earthcarver sparrow on your triumphs page. Here, you can review the five challenges you will need to complete in the King’s Fall raid while attempting to complete it on Master difficulty. Following the 24-hour window when the King’s Fall raid goes live for the first time, the Master difficulty will be available to all players. Before this point, players will need to work their way through the Contest Mode, and these challenges are featured for the first time.

You will need to complete these challenges during the King’s Fall raid.

  • The Grass Is Always Greener
    • This challenge requires you to run across the room on the opposite side of where you came from.
  • The Devious Thievery
    • You must kill the Blight Guard while in the aura
  • Gaze Amaze
    • The person who currently has the gaze must be in the pool of reclaimed light. You cannot let the gaze timer expire on you
  • Under Construction
    • You cannot touch the same plate in the same phase
  • Hands Off
    • You cannot kill the same Taken Knight or Ogre Twice

Given that the Contest Mode is still available while making this post, we’re still learning what these challenges mean. The challenges take place during each encounter.

We also have a quick visual from Ben Platnick, a VFX artist who works for Bungie, to show off the OSsein Earthcarver Sparrow, showing off the incredible effects on the back of the vehicle.