How to get the Pepper Shaker in Fallout 76

The Pepper Shaker has become a must-have weapon for any Fallout 76 player.

Image via Bethesda

The Pepper Shaker is a must-have weapon in Fallout 76. This automatic heavy shotgun can wreak havoc on enemies. Those looking to get it will have a bit of a grind on their hands. Before you can pick up this great weapon, you must first find the plans (which is easier said than done).

The plans can be obtained from Meat Week. This seasonal event appears three times a year. During this event, you will be able to attend the Grahm’s Meat Cook and Primal Cuts events. These events appear all over the map and task you with killing Prime Beasts to collect their meat.

Obtaining the plans

The plans for the Pepper Shaker can be obtained by completing the Grahm’s Meat Cook event during Meat Week. During this event, Grahm will task you with helping out in the festivities. This can be done in a few ways:

  • Turning the cooking meat
  • Playing the drums on the stage
  • Collecting Critter Chunks by killing the various animals around the camp
  • Collecting vegetables from the surrounding area
  • Adding five wood scrap to the fire burning in the center
  • Cleaning up rotten leftovers. If not collected, these will deplete the progress bar

Once the event is completed, you will get the opportunity to earn the plans for the Pepper Shaker. Luckily, during Meat Week, this event comes back often and can easily be farmed until the plans are obtained. This event is located near Vault 76.

Crafting the Pepper Shaker

You will need the following materials to craft the Pepper Shaker:

  • 6 adhesive
  • 7 aluminum
  • 17 gears
  • 8 oil
  • 16 screws
  • 16 springs
  • 43 steel

Once the plans for the Pepper Shaker are learned, you will be able to obtain legendary versions of it from events and the Purveyor in the Rusty Pick.