How to get the Pied Piper achievement in Call of Duty: Vanguard

You have to stay silent in the desert.

Screenshot of Lucas Riggs in Call of Duty Vanguard

Image via Activision

During Call of Duty: Vanguard’s seventh mission, “The Rats of Tobruk,” you’ll have to cross a desert filled with Nazis to reach your objective. If you can get across undetected, you’ll be rewarded for your stealthy efforts with the “Pied Piper” achievement. This guide will show you how to ghost your way through the desert to unlock this achievement.

This challenge will start after you narrowly avoid a face-to-face encounter with a tank. You’ll see a vast desert ahead of you with little in the way of cover. Move forward while keeping to the left side of the map, and be sure to stay low the entire time by either crouch-walking or going prone.

At one point, Jacobs will speak up and advise the group to “wait it out” while two Nazi guards stand watch under a broken bridge. You can take both guards out with stealth melee takedowns. Continue under the ruined bridge, and you’ll arrive at a fork in the road; a troupe of Nazis patrol the left route, so you should take the right-side path, which has far fewer enemies.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Keep going down the path and you’ll arrive at another fork in the road. Head down the left path this time, and you’ll see a house. Make your way in, kill the guard patrolling the interior, and exit the house via the back door, located on the right side of the back wall. The achievement should pop here; you can now be as loud as you want.

Screenshot by Gamepur