How to get rainbow skins in Splitgate

Rainbows are finally cool.

Image via 1047 Games

Rainbow skins are elusive in Splitgate; very few combatants actually wear all six colors in the arena. While the path to receiving them is not easy, the rainbow skins are great way to get noticed by your squad and maybe to a fault, the opposing team.

The process of receiving the rainbow skins isn’t as easy as going to the store and buying the costume. It’s much more troublesome than that. In order to get it, you must be able to get it through an incredibly lucky reward drop. A YouTuber by the name of TrasheyAshey was able to snag one. Once you have a drop ready to go, go to the main menu and click the left analog stick. You’ll then be asked to press square or X to initiate the drop.

In order to get orbs quicker, you must keep getting XP and leveling up. Playing matches will give you experience, but you’ll want to focus on the weekly challenges that are provided to you, so you can get more drops faster. To get to this screen, press triangle or Y on the main menu, depending on your system, and you’ll be directed to the “Challenges” section. From there, select either the Weekly Challenges or Daily Challenges. They’ll reward you with tons of XP if you’re able to complete them. They’re typically easy to complete as well and if you finish all of them, you’ll get a drop.

For example, during one week, we could earn 50,000 experience points by getting 100 kills, winning three matches of Team Oddball, getting 10 kills with the shotgun, getting 30 kills on Lavafell, and going through 10 friendly portals.

One challenge the game had asked us to complete was the Olympus race and this would give us a drop single-handedly. To get to this mode, toggle the shoulder buttons or your mouse to the “Training” menu and select “Race.” If the challenge simply asks you to complete a course, you don’t have to beat the best times; go at your own pace.

Daily challenges give you a smaller amount of experience, but they’re still worth completing for that bonus XP.

To quicken the process even further, you should play with your friends in a squad. This will give you an XP boost, and if there’s a weekly challenge that wants you to focus on one map, you and your friends can decide on a map together and outvote others in your match.

We wish you good luck in your endeavor on finding the rainbow skins. May the luckiest person win.