How to get the Rusted Anchor in Elden Ring

A rather peculiar item to use as a weapon.

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There are many odd weapons in the Lands Between. One of the more peculiar weapons you can find is the Rusted Anchor. This weapon is a literal anchor that you can throw around like a hammer. The Rusted Anchor is a great Strength weapon if you are trying to go for a Strength build. You can also infuse this weapon with Ashes of War to apply whatever skill you want to it, although its starting skill is Barbaric Roar which gives you an increase in your attack power. Here is how you can get the Rusted Anchor in Elden Ring.

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To obtain this weapon, you will need to head to the Weeping Peninsula. This is the area to the south of Limgrave. This area is meant to be accessed early on and is easy to reach. To reach this area, you will simply need to head south and cross the bridge that connects this area to Limgrave. That is all there is to it. Be careful of the ballista on the bridge.

Once you reach the Weeping Peninsula, head to the center of the area where the Minor Erdtree is. Here you will find a dungeon called Morne Tunnel. This dungeon is one of the easier ones to complete. The boss at the end is called the Scaly Misbegotten. This boss wields the Rusted Anchor weapon. If you need help with this boss, check out our guide on how to defeat the Scaly Misbegotten. Once you defeat the boss, you will be rewarded with the Rusted Anchor. Make sure to use it wisely.