How to get the Santatron Station in Fallout 76

The perfect Collectron does exist.


Screenshot by Gamepur

With the festive season comes a new limited-time item in Fallout 76. The Santatron Station is a unique version of the Collectron Station themed around Christmas. Building it will get you some additional rewards while you’re playing the game over the holiday season. This guide explains how to get the Santatron Station, so you don’t go without.

Check the Atomic Shop

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Santatron Station is a free item you can claim from the Atomic Shop for one week from December 21, 2021. Festive Scorched will appear in Fallout 76 from the same date until January 4, 2022, offering you the chance to kill them for holiday boxes and special rewards.

The Santatron Station, while it works like any other Collectron Station, has the chance to pick up holiday boxes while you’re out roaming Appalachia. The Santatron will walk around your C.A.M.P. while you’re playing and deliver you a collection of items that it’s gathered while you’ve been away. A lot of this will be junk, but some will be valuable items such as holiday boxes.

If you didn’t claim the Santatron Station from the Atomic shop while it was free, you’ll have to pay for it. However, if you missed out on it entirely this year, there’s a good chance that it’ll be available again when Christmas 2022 rolls around.