The Hitman 3 secret ending, explained

Well, that wasn’t how things were supposed to go.

Image via IO Interactive

Hitman 3 seems like a pretty straightforward game from a storytelling sense. While the gameplay puts you in a sandbox playground where you can find all sorts of different ways to eliminate targets, the story almost always seems to stay on a linear path. That is slightly tweaked with at the end of Hitman 3’s final mission Untouchable in the Carpathian Mountains, where a secret alternate ending is available. Here is how to unlock it, and as you would expect, spoilers are ahead.

The chance for the alternative ending comes at the very end of the last mission, Untouchable. You are tasked with fighting your way to the front of a speeding train filled with Providence soldiers. When you finally make it to the front, you find Arthur Edwards, the Constant of Providence, who in an attempt to save his life, offers you a serum that would allow you to forget everything and go back to being a hitman, but working under Providence.

When offered this serum, Agent 47 immediately turns him down, saying never again. Accepting his fate, Edwards stands up and tells him to do his job. You are put back in control and can take Edwards’ life. However, if you stand still for 47 seconds, Edwards will ask if you are having second thoughts and tell you to let yourself be free. You are then given an option to inject yourself with the serum.

Injecting yourself will see 47 fall to the floor and pass out before waking up in a new room with Edwards saying, “Wake up, my friend. It is the dawn of a new day and you have things to do.”

This is a reference to the original Hitman game, which was released in 2000. 47 starts that game waking up in a very similar fashion before the events of that game occur. If you have taken this path, 47 is essentially a puppet under Providence’s control.