How to get the secret Luxurious Chest in Mondstadt in Genshin Impact

Super secret.

Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, chests are a superb way to get your hands on some easy loot. Chests come in four rarities, with the best one being the Luxurious chest. The good news is that there is a secret Luxurious chest that you can find in Mondstadt, and all you need to do to get it is have pretty good balance.

Secret Chest Location

To find the secret Luxurious chest, you will need to complete a hidden challenge near the main cathedral area in Mondstadt. You can find the exact location marked on the map below.

Go to the point marked on the map below and jump up on the end of the wall. A circle of glowing energy will pop into existance in front of you. You need to walk across the wall, through the glowing circle, and keep doing this the whole way around the wall until you reach the far side of the circle. There is a timer for each section, but you can make it if you just walk, you don’t need to run.

The tricky part is not falling off the wall, especially on the sections that are covered in ivy where it is very difficult to see exactly where your feet are in relation to the wall. Once you reach the end, a Luxurious chest will appear nearby.

The chest should contain 10 Primogems, 30 Adventure Rank XP, between four and ten Sigils, some Mora, and some random weapons, artifacts, and character XP books. Not a bad haul for a simple game we all played as kids.