Where to find and fight Skeletron in Terraria

The first boss is ready for a showdown.

Terraria features an array of different bosses you can face off against. For those who are playing in the game’s hardcore mode, most of the content in the game starts to unlock after taking down the first boss, Skeletron.

To summon Skeletron, you need to speak to the Old Man standing at the Dungeon’s entrance while it is nighttime. You can find the Dungeon’s entry on the far right or the left portion of your map. It will vary depending on the seed of your Terraria world, so you may need to venture to both sides before finding the entrance. A good tactic is to travel there during the day and then return at night. If you arrive during the day and speak with the Old Man he will tell you to return at night where he becomes Skeletron.

The Old Man will inform the player they are “too weak” to lift his curse if they have less than 300 health or less than 10 defense. Players will need to increase their health and armor before attempting to lift the curse, which they can do by crafting the armor to improve their character or locating life crystals underground to increase their maximum health bar.

When you do summon Skeletron, it is a floating head with two giant arms. These arms and hands can move through blocks to damage players, and they deal a decent amount of damage. While taking these hands helps, the primary objective to beat Skeletron is to take out its head.

There are two attacks you need to watch out for during the fight. The first one involves Skeletron’s hands slashing. The second is after Skeletron roars, and its head starts to spin. If players hit the head while it’s turning, they receive damage. However, while the head is spinning, it is more vulnerable, making it an excellent opportunity to deal the most damage against it.

You don’t want to wait for dawn to arrive to fight Skeletron or to fight him too late at night. When the day comes, Skeletron becomes invincible, and its head starts to turn rapidly, doing increased damage against you and can usually take you out after a brief hit.

Once you eliminate Skeletron, the Old Man will no longer spawn in the world, and you can readily enter the dungeon whenever you wish to do so. It can drop multiple items, such as lesser healing potions, a Skeletron Mask, a Skeletron Hand, a book of skulls, Skeletron Trophy, and Chippy Couch, or the Possessed Skill and Skeletron Relic, for those playing on Master Mode.

After you defeat Skeletron, you can gain access to the dungeon and many more pieces of content in Terraria.