How to get the Sheltering Energy mod in Destiny 2, and what it does

Shields to maximum!

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Warmind cells are extremely popular among players in Destiny 2 for their extreme versatility on the battlefield. These cells can be used to clear out enemies and provide healing and various buffs to you and your fireteam, depending on which Warmind Cell mods you equip.

The buffs these mods can generate can grant you numerous tactical advantages, such as when enemies are near one of your cells, you will take reduced damage. Another benefit of these mods will allow you to pick up and throw the cells. One of these mods is Sheltering Energy, which when collecting a Warmind Cell, grants you an overshield.

How to get Sheltering Energy

Sheltering Energy can be acquired for 10 Mod Components from the gunsmith Banshee-44 located at The Tower. Keep in mind that this mod is very rare and doesn’t come around often, so it is vital that you check in with him any chance you get to ensure getting your hands on it.

How to use Sheltering Energy

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The mod has a five arc energy requirement and can be equipped to your class item. By utilizing Seven Seraph or IKELOS weaponry to generate the Warmind Cells, simply walk into the cell, and you’ll see a buff indicator on the left-hand side of your screen that says Shielded with a 20-second timer.

This overshield will last the duration of that timer, or when enough damage has been done to remove it. Also, for you Warlock players, the timer can be reset by stepping into a Healing Rift of Well of Radiance super. It is super important to gauge out your encounters and weigh in on what’s important for that instance. You can detonate the cell and wipe out a large number of enemies, or you can strategically utilize the overshield to maintain your fighting momentum.