How to get the Sleeping Giant legendary submachine gun in Borderlands 3’s Loot the Universe

Where do you go?

Image via Gearbox Software

The Sleeping Giant is a legendary submachine gun you can get in Borderlands 3. It’s capable of dealing a great deal of quick damage against an enemy, making it extremely useful for those who are trying to level up in the game or want to grind fragile enemies. What makes this gun unique is the “Infinite path carved with unrivaled skill,” which, when you reload, allows it to have increased damage, reload speed, rate of fire, and reduced recoil with improved accuracy.

You can obtain it from several locations. The most notable, traditional location players can find it is looting it off of the One Punch psycho in Lectra City. One Punch psycho is an easter egg character reference the anime character One Punch man.

While the more traditional place is to farm it off of One Punch, many players have found it’s spawning on Pandora during the Loot the Universe event. From Apr. 23 to 30, you will have increased chances to find a variety of legendary weapons, gear, class mods, and much more during this event. It’s happening all over the planet in different regions. Players on Reddit have determined you can find SMGs in The Droughts and Konrad’s Hold. Some players have reported there’s a chance of SMGs dropping in Slaughter Shaft, but many are not too convinced, right now.

For those looking to take advantage of the event to loot this excellent SMG, fly over to Pandora and visit The Droughts and Konrad’s Hold for some sweet loot. If all else fails, feel free to swing by Slaughter Shaft, if anything, to see how lucky you get on any of the drops.