How to get the Spin Boost ability in Metroid Dread

Why jump just once when you can jump twice?

Image via Nintendo

Metroid Dread offers a ton of weapons and items for Samus Aran to earn, and many upgrade her mobility. For example, you can tuck and roll through tunnels with the Morph Ball or sprint down hallways at a lightning pace with the Speed Booster. Among these kinds of power-ups is the Spin Boost. To put it simply, it lets you double jump.

You can acquire this handy (and necessary) ability in Ghavoran. Read on to learn where to find it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the EMMI Zone exits in Ghavoran leads to a massive vertical chamber — this one, in particular, has several plants that serve as platforms, but they wither away after being stood one for a brief moment. Drop through this cavern and take the right-hand door to reach a Save Station, then continue forward. Dodge or defeat the large enemy in the next room and continue east to a Spider Magnet wall. Climb up, turn left, and follow the Morph Ball tunnels west. These lead to a flooded room with a Morph Ball Launcher. Ride this to reach the chamber where the Chozo Statue holds the Spin Boost power-up.

With this, you’ll be able to perform a second jump when Samus spins in the air. Note that you can’t gain any extra height if you do this in water — you’ll need the Gravity Suit first.