How to get the Speed Booster ability in Metroid Dread

Samus can sprint through rooms and rocket into the air with this one.

Image via Nintendo

There’s an incredible number of weapons and items to collect in Metroid Dread. The Speed Booster, along with Bombs and the Diffusion Beam, is one of the mid-game upgrades for Samus Aran. It’s one of the most fun abilities in the game, letting Samus sprint through rooms at incredible speed. But first, you’ll need to find it.

Locating the Speed Booster isn’t the challenging part — it’s winning the fight. You see, several of the abilities in Dread are won from killing the EMMI robots. For the Speed Booster, you’ll need to slay the one patrolling the Dairon region. Once you locate the Central Unit, arm yourself with the Omega Cannon, and take out your metal foe, Samus will absorb the power from its defunct body.

It might require a tough battle to win the Speed Booster, but using it is an absolute blast. Click in the left stick while moving forward to engage the boost, which will kick in after a few moments. You’ll need a runway to activate it, but doing so enables you to fly through long passages. While boosted, you can also dash right through Speed Booster Blocks, which hide a good number of Missile Expansions and Energy Tanks.

Furthermore, Samus can turn this momentum into a massive leap through the air — this is called a Shinespark. While boosting, press down to stop sprinting and store your energy. The charge only lasts a few seconds, but if you hold the jump button in an upward direction then release, Samus will rocket through the sky until she collides with an obstacle.