How to get the Spider Magnet ability in Metroid Dread

Help Samus climb to new heights with the power of magnets.

Image via Nintendo

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The Metroid games have a long history of weapons and items for Samus Aran to wield, and Dread is no exception. The Spider Ball, first introduced in Metroid II, allowed Samus to cling to walls and ceilings while in Morph Ball form. Dread reinvents this ability as the Spider Magnet, and you’ll definitely need it to complete your harrowing journey through Planet ZDR. Here’s how to get it.

You don’t need to search much at all — this ability is taken from the EMMI in Artaria. Once you know how to kill the EMMI robots, you’re good to go. Find the Central Unit in the Artaria EMMI Zone, arm yourself with the Omega Cannon, and take out the patrolling bot. Once it’s defeated, Samus will siphon off its power to give herself the Spider Magnet ability.

Armed with this, you’ll be able to cling to those blue surfaces you’ve seen along walls and ceilings. These allow Samus to reach new heights, and you can also cling to magnetic lifts and zip lines to move through certain rooms. Furthermore, the Spider Magnet comes into play during the Corpius boss fight, and you’ll need it to gather more than a few Missile Expansions and Energy Tanks too. It may be “just a climbing tool,” but you’ll be using it quite a bit.