How To Get The Steering Stick In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Get to steering some wacky machines.

If you’re still not used to Zonai devices, don’t worry; plenty of us are right there with you. Breath of the Wild was plenty of game on its own, and with Tears of the Kingdom, that game got a lot more complex. Not only do we now have three layers of a map to explore (and get lost in), but we also have a huge amount of devices to find, collect, and build with.

One of the most essential out there is the Steering Stick, a device that allows you to steer your contraptions in one general direction (and hope they actually do as you planned). In this article, we’ll break down how to find the Steering Stick in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Find The Steering Stick in Tears of the Kingdom

Because vehicles are important to any crafting endeavors you have in Tears of the Kingdom, getting the Steering Stick is pretty important for any kind of navigation. Before you build your cool fantasy Zonai bike, you must first explore Hyrule a bit. The only way to get the Steering Stick device is to explore around for some Zonai Device Dispensers. While many can be found in the Northern Sky Archipelago, we have a list of where you can find Dispensers across the board, with their coordinates and what items they produce:

  • East Gerudo Sky Archipelago: Sled, Stake, Mirror, Steering Stick, Beam Emitter (-1772, -2019, 1134)
  • South Lanayru Sky Archipelago: Spring, Beam Emitter, Hydrant, Steering Stick (4511, -0806, 1103)
  • North Hyrule Sky Archipelago: Shock Emitter, Steering Stick, Light, Homing Cart (0443, 2822, 1806)
  • Necluda Sky Archipelago: Light, Small Wheel, Steering Stick, Cannon (2852, -2959, 1198)
  • Lake Akkala: Fan, Balloon, Small Wheel, Big Wheel, Rocket, Steering Stick (3808, 1562, 0076)
  • Death Mountian: Big Wheel, Steering Stick, Portable Pot, Battery (2191, 2641, -0943)

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The tricky thing concerning most Zonai Devices is that you need Zonai Charges to get any device. To get the capsules you need for each device, put a Zonai Charge inside and let the Dispenser do the rest. If you didn’t get the item you want, don’t worry. Each Dispenser recharges after a day and can give you items again if you simply rest and return to the site.