How to get the Stone Mask in Vampire Survivors

Earn more gold while playing.

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The Stone Mask is a useful item for you to unlock in Vampire Survivors. Although it’s not a useful item for completing the game, it’s an excellent find when you want to make as much money as possible, allowing you to unlock further upgrades on your account. You will need to find it while playing the game, though. This guide covers how you can get the Stone Mask in Vampire Survivors.

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Where to find the Stone Mask

The Stone Mask is an item you can find while exploring the Inlaid Library, which is the second game level. You will not unlock this level when you start the game. Instead, you must play through the first level and reach level 20 with your unlocked characters. After that, the Inlaid Library will be available to you.

Upon entering the Inlaid Library with any character, you will find the Stone Mask by exploring the level. You must make your way to the right side of the screen and explore this area. You should be able to find the Stone Mask on the ground, on the top part of your screen. It took almost 11 minutes to find the Stone Mask while we were attempting to see it, and we were nearly level 30 when we reached it. You want to follow the right side of the screen as much as possible to reach this area, and make sure you keep a sight on the top because it is easy to miss this area.

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You can place it on your character when you find it, granting them 10 percent more gold for the rest of the run.