How to get the Subscriber Ship of the Month in Star Citizen

Explore the ships of the ‘Verse with a Star Citizen subscription.

Image via Cloud Imperium Games

While Star Citizen undoubtedly offers a plethora of content, the mainstay of the title is the ability to fly fully realized ships across the universe. Robert Space Industries capitalizes on this by offering a unique subscription program, offering subscribers a unique ship to fly every month the subscription is ongoing. However, how to claim the ship can be difficult to deduce initially. While the program offers a dozen functional ships a year, getting the ship into the hangar has a few players stymied.

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Star Citizen subscriptions, explained

Subscriptions do not offer access to the game on their own, but are intended for players who already have access to the game via a pledge package. Star Citizen offers two different subscription tiers for players with game access.

The Centurion subscription tier

The Centurion tier starts at $10 a month and offers the Ship of the Month, 20,000 REC (the currency for renting gear within Star Citizen), and a 10% one-time-use coupon after 12 months of subscription. There are other less tangible perks: access to browse various art pieces from the Star Citizen universe, special forums, and exclusive merchandise offers.

The Imperator subscription tier

The Imperator tier starts at $20 a month and offers access to the Ship of the Month, 40,000 REC, and a 20% one-time-use coupon after 12 months of subscription. This tier, however, also offers subscribers an Imperator test flight, where pilots can fly newly readied ships for a week.

How to claim your Ship of the Month

The Ship of the Month will change every month, and players can purchase (or pledge, as the developer Cloud Imperium Games prefers calling it) the ship from the prior month only if subscribed. Once subscribed, players should be able to find the Ship of the Month at their nearest spaceport terminal.

The subscription offers unlimited use of the monthly ship, whether it’s a new mining rig or an all-terrain vehicle, so don’t be too concerned about kicking the proverbial tires. Finally, some ships in the Ship of the Month club are only accessible through a subscription. This means that players who want to explore everything the title offers should head over to the official¬†RSI subscription webpage¬†to begin their subscriptions.