How to get the Teamwork badge in Apex Legends

What’s gonna work?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

If you are truly looking to show off in Apex Legends, you are likely trying to earn all of the game’s hardest badges to equip on your Banner for pre and post-game viewing. Some of these are true challenges that will take a great deal of skill and luck, in all honesty. That is true with the Teamwork badge, or as the in-game title calls it, “Team. Work.” Here is how to get it.

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How to unlock the Team. Work. badge in Apex Legends

To get the Teamwork badge in Apex Legends, you are going to need to have a full trio squad of players who work well together and are highly skilled at the game. To unlock the different tiers of the badge, you have to be in a full pre-game squad, so you can’t get this from random matchmaking with a squad, and all of you need to get at least the minimum number of kills denoted at each tier. There are four tiers to get.

  • Tier 1: three kills each
  • Tier 2: five kills each
  • Tier 3: seven kills each
  • Tier 4: 10 kills each

When you have advanced each tier, you are able to equip the badge to any Legend you play in the future. While the first tier is pretty doable, going beyond that will be a real challenge. Because each player needs to get the minimum kills by the end of the match, unlocking the final version is one of the rarest feats in the game. You have to eliminate at least half of the full 60-person lobby in Battle Royale, and if anyone gets nine or less, you will not earn it.

Some people have said there is an easier way to unlock the tiers for the Teamwork badge. If you play the limited-time mode Control with a team, you can rack up a bunch of kills easily. The game has infinite lives and goes until one of the two eight-player teams wins. While the overall team is larger, you still go in with a trio squad, so all of you need to perform still to get the badge.