When will Control return to Apex Legends?

The zone-capturing mode is on the verge of being magically resurrected.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Although considered one of the newer limited-time features, Apex Legends’ Control mode has quickly become a fan favorite. It follows a domination-style ruleset, pitting two teams against each other for a massive battle over a map’s three Control Zones. Legends who fall in the heat of battle can even continuously respawn at any time. That said, the LTM is not guaranteed to appear each season. This guide will break down when Control will be available next in Apex Legends and what you can expect.

Will Control come back to Apex Legends soon?

Control has returned in every season since its debut in Season 12, and thankfully, it will continue this pattern during Season 15. Developer Respawn announced that the LTM can be played during the entirety of the Spellbound Collection Event, slated to run from January 10 to January 24. However, those wanting Control to stay longer may be in luck. Recent leaks have suggested that the mode could be a permanent feature within the next few seasons, though fans should take this with a grain of salt until it is confirmed.

Aside from unlimited respawns, Control does much to be a far departure from its Battle Royale counterpart. Instead of dropping in and racing to discover weapons, it offers a choice between five weapon classes that players can wield instantly. All guns in these classes are Rare, but it is possible to upgrade them in just minutes. Thanks to its exclusive Ratings system, weapons can increase in rarity simply by gaining Control Zones, eliminations, and assists.

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Despite Control keeping to its longstanding ruleset, veterans should prepare to see a few small changes made when it appears during the Spellbound event. Upon its return, the LTM will soon allow teams losing by 65 points or more to skip spawn waves. Additionally, players jumping into matches that have already begun will be granted Epic weapons and armor when they first spawn.