How to get the Tidy Whities achievement in Unpacking

Re-organize some underwear.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unpacking is a relaxing puzzle game where you play as a young individual who is constantly moving around, unpacking their belongings. The game started off with them getting their own room as a child all the way to adulthood when they start living with their significant other. Through the game, not only do you get a sense of who the protagonist is but you also begin to understand how hard moving is. What they could originally put in their room as a child might not fit in their tiny apartment anymore, forcing them to part ways with childhood objects.

This game is packed with achievements that require you to move certain objects to a specific spot or mess around with the character’s belongings.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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The Tidy Whities achievement can only be obtained in 2010. At this point in the character’s life, they’ve moved in with their boyfriend and the apartment in which they live is not only cramped but disorganized. This is evident when exploring the bedroom and seeing the boyfriend’s underwear drawer. On the left side of the closet, click on the top two drawers to see his scattered underwear. To get the achievement, just put all his underwear in one drawer.