How to get the Tommy’s Matchbook Exotic Catalyst in Destiny 2 – A Good Match

Strike it.

Destiny 2

Getting your hands on Tommy’s Matchbook, the new Exotic Assault Rifle in Destiny 2, is very easy to do. What is more difficult, is getting the Catalyst to really unleash the full power of this weapon. Follow our guide to get the weapon, then go visit Banshee at the Tower. The gunsmith will have a new quest for you called A Good Match, and completing it will get you the Exotic Catalyst for Tommy’s Matchbook.

A Good Match

You cannot get this quest from Banshee until you have the Tommy’s Matchbook Exotic Assault Rifle in your collection, so keep that in mind.

For this quest, you will need to achieve three different goals by playing Strikes, Nightfalls, Gambit, or in the Crucible.

  • Points Earned 0/100
  • Auto Rifle Combatant Multikills 0/200
  • Auto Rifle Guardian Deaths 0/100

You will earn the most points from Crucible Wins, Gambit wins, and Legend or Master-tier Ordeal Nightfalls. It should be noted, progress cannot go down, so if you lose it just means you progress a little slower. The Guardian kills can happen in either Gambit or the Crucible, but the Crucible is a much better place to get them done quickly.

Multikills occur when you rapidly kill two targets in a row with the same weapon, so the best place to do this step is either in Strikes or Gambit matches and just mow through enemies as they come to you. Tommy’s Matchbook is a fine weapon to use while you finish this quest, as it will perform well in both PvE and PvP activities.

It’s really just a grind, and how fast you get through it will depend on your own individual skill levels.

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