How to get the Vastilok Gunblade in Warframe

Will it be another monster?

Gunblades in Warframe are some of the most fun and interesting melee weapons in the game. Part gun, part blade, they take up the melee slot but provide the player the benefit of infinite ammo. They can utilize several powerful combinations that can do incredible damage with the right build, and have been known to rip some of the game’s toughest enemies to shreds.

The Vastilok Gunblade is a new Gunblade that will be making its way to the game for Tennocon 2021. We actually don’t know anything about this weapon, other than how you get it. Players can get their hands on the Vastilok Gunblade by watching 30 consecutive minutes of Tennocon 2021 on the official Warframe Twitch channel between 12:30 PM and 5 PM ET.

You will need to ensure that your own Warframe account and Twitch account are linked to be able to win the weapon. The reason the player base is so excited about this weapon is that there are only four Gunblades in the game at the moment, and three of them are absolute monsters. The Redeemer, Redeemer Prime, Sarpa, and Stropha make up the game’s current complement of Gunblades, so another one being added to the mix is great news.

Interestingly, the design of the Vastilok Gunblade implies it is a weapon of Grineer origin. We do not know if the Vastilok Gunblade will be available after the event, or what players might need to do to get it if it is. We will update this guide with any further information as it becomes available.