How to get the Visceral Synthesiser Plans in No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence

Travel to see big red.


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The Visceral Synthesiser is a powerful device that allows you to finally wrangle the Sandworms plaguing the galaxy in No Man’s Sky Expedition 4: Emergence and bend them to your will. You’ll need it for two Milestones right at the end of the Expedition, The Titan Will Submit and Spawn Beneath Your Skin, but you need to get the plans first. This guide explains how to get those plans so you can get on with saving the galaxy.

Complete Into the Red

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The only way to get the Visceral Synthesiser Plans is to complete Into the Red. The Plans are a reward for that Milestone, and there’s no other way to get them. To complete it, you need to take a sample of Cursed Dust to an Atlas Station and convene with the Atlas. While it doesn’t care for mortal matters, it will give you the plans for a tool that allows you to control these foul beasts that have appeared everywhere.

Once you’ve acquired the plans, you’ll need three Microprocessors, 120 Cursed Dust, and four Larval Cores to install the Visceral Synthesiser in your Exosuit. You can find Cursed Dust and Larval Cores on any cursed planet, which will be clear from the Discovery menu because it will have Cursed Dust listed in the available resources. Microprocessors can be crafted with base materials from any world.