How to get the Warming Bottle in Genshin Impact


Image via Genshin Impact

The Warming Bottle will be a very important item when you are exploring the Dragonspine region in Genshin Impact. In Dragonspine, an effect called Sheer Cold can build up on your characters. You would normally use a heatsource to get rid of it, such as a cooking fire or brazier, but you can also use a special item called the Warming Bottle.

To get the Warming Bottle you will need to rank up the Frostbearing Tree to level 4, at which time you will get a diagram for the gadget. You can do this by giving the tree Crimson Agate that you will find in the Dragonspine region. This rare resource is a bright red color, and can be handed in at the tree for rewards.

When you have the diagram, you will need to find it in your Inventory and use it, and then you will be able to make the Warming Bottle at any Blacksmith. You will need two Flaming Flower Stamen, two Starsilver, and 500 Mora to be able to make it.

These are single use items, so you will need a plentiful supply of them if you plan on doing a lot of exploring in Dragonspine.

Upon use, emits heat for a short period over a small area, diminishing the effect of Sheer Cold. Warming Seelie have evolved in response to the extreme change in temperature to give the comfort of warmth to those who seek it. This convenient gadget was originally crafted by those who struggled to survive in the snowy mountains in imitation of such evolved Seelie.

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