How to get the Water Stance in Ghost of Tsuhima

Be like water.

Ghost of Tsushima

Image via Sony

Ghost of Tsushima is not just a melee-combat oriented game—it is a game about combat. As Jin travels across the island of Tsushima, he will have to adapt himself and his fighting style to meet his invading foes. To do this, players will unlock several fighting stances that work for different situations.

Unlocking the Water Stance

The Water Stance is the first stance that you will be able to unlock after the default stance. You can get this pretty early in the game without even leaving the first region, Izuhara. To unlock this stance, you will need to either observe or kill three Mongol leaders. It’s worth noting that you can both observe and kill the same Mongol leader to earn points faster.

Mongol leaders can often be found in enemy fortresses. The leader you’re looking for will be the Mongols who are busy practicing their swordsmanship. Make sure to approach them stealthily without interrupting their practice to get to a point for observing them. Hold R2 once you are in range, and you will be one point closer to getting a new stance. Take out the leader for another point.

What is the Water Stance good for

The Water Stance is most effective when used against defensive, shield-using enemies. Using this stance will execute wide, sweeping attacks. You can upgrade this stance to execute more strikes and cause more stagger as well. After unlocking this stance, you can use it by pressing R2 and the circle button.

Make the most of this stance and all your others and become the Ghost of Tsushima!