How to get the Well-traveled Achievement in DogLife

Getting those travel miles!

Image by Gamepur

Moving from place to place is very common for most people. In some cases, it can even be an inevitability. Whether it’s been planned for a while or a sudden spur of the moment thing, the act of moving can be pretty stressful and sometimes scary. However daunting it may seem, moving can also open up new opportunities and meet new faces. In this guide, we go over how to emigrate and earn the Well-traveled Achievement in DogLife successfully.

Like most encounters in DogLife, getting this event to trigger is entirely random, but getting this achievement is very simple. The first step is being a part of a family and going about your day doing all the essential animal things you deem necessary. There is a chance that a family development will cause your family to uproot and move along to another place.

When this encounter occurs, you will be greeted with a pop-up saying that your family is moving and the location—followed by some selections of how you can react to the situation. To unlock the achievement, we recommend complying with your owners. After doing so, a second pop-up will appear with the result of the move. When this occurs, you will unlock the Well-traveled Achievement.