How to get the Wide Beam ability in Metroid Dread

Why fire one shot when you can fire three?

Image via Nintendo

First introduced in Metroid Fusion, the Wide Beam is a great upgrade that lets Samus fire a trio of energy shots rather than just one. Extra bullets are handy for taking out smaller, swarming enemies in Metroid Dread, but the Wide Beam also gains a new utility when combined with the Charge Beam. Here’s how to get it.

The Wide Beam is found in Dairon, a zone that you’ll barely be able to explore when you first arrive. The only path you can take will lead you through some darkened rooms to a generator. Turn it on to restore power to the zone, then start backtracking. As you maneuver up and around the now-lit previous room, look for a Missile door to the northeast. Blow through it and head through, then slide through the narrow gap. The Chozo Statue, on the other side, is clutching a new ability.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Wide Beam is great in combat, but it’s also a handy exploration tool, allowing you to push Wide Block Beams and open Wide Beam doors. These are both signified by a trio of vertical yellow lights, which you’ve likely seen in your travels. By charging up and releasing your shot, you can power up all three lights of a Wide Block Beam and push it forward, opening new paths. The same goes for those doors — shoot them with the Wide Beam to activate all three sensors at once and open the way forward.