How to get the wingsuit in Saints Row

It’s called falling with style.

Saints Row reboot

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Saints Row is no stranger to letting you explore its world how you want to. Whether on foot, by car, or in a helicopter, there are plenty of options for traversal. One of the more standout options for travel in Saints Row, especially as opposed to previous entries in the series, is the inclusion of the wingsuit. Here is how you unlock it and use it in Saints Row (2022).

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Where to find the wingsuit in Saints Row

Unlocking the wingsuit in Saints Row is super simple. All you need to do is play the game until you get past the tutorial. When you have full access to the open world, you also gain the ability to deploy the wingsuit automatically. You might not even realize you have it yet.

How to use the wingsuit in Saints Row

To use the wingsuit in Saints Row, you need to be dropping from a great height. When the game decides you are high enough in the air, press the jump button on your platform to spread your arms out and begin gliding. You can then direct yourself where to go.

To slow your speed down and begin braking, press LT or L2 on consoles or CTRL on PC. This will give you a better chance to get to a speed where you can safely land on the ground and smoothly walk around.

There are quite a few ways to get into the air high enough so you can deploy the wingsuit. You can take elevators to the top of buildings and jump off, hop out of helicopters, and there are towers randomly around the place that launch you into the air when you interact with them.

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Various skills can also do this. Some cars will have ejector seats, or you can use the Impulse Trap ability at level 13.