How to get The Yellow Rabbit Suit in Hitman 3

This is the real rave suit, 47.


Screenshot by DoubleXP

When the Berlin Egg Hunt was first added to Hitman 3, it rewarded players with The Raver Suit. This suit uses the yellow hoodie that the yellow rabbit wears in the Escalation but doesn’t include the mask. Now, players can get the whole suit, including the mask, and wear it in whatever mission they want. This guide explains how to get the Yellow Rabbit Suit in Hitman 3 so that the yellow bunny can kill targets worldwide.

Complete the Duck Hunt challenge

Screenshot by DoubleXP

The only way to unlock The Yellow Rabbit Suit is by completing the Duck Hunt challenge in the Berlin Egg Hunt Escalation. You’ll have to complete the challenge during an attempt at the mission. After you’ve ended the mission, you’ll get a notification telling you that The Yellow Rabbit has been unlocked. Following this, you can use the suit in any mission, Featured Contract, or Elusive Target anywhere in the game.

To unlock the suit, you need to complete the new duck-related challenge, called Duck Hunt, within the Berlin Egg Hunt Escalation. You can track the challenges for this Escalation from the main menu by scrolling along once you’ve selected the Escalation as your next activity. Duck Hunt will be listed with all of the other challenges that can be completed.

Duck Hunt requires you to kill the White Rabbit target using the ICA19 F/A Stealth Duck Edition in the Escalation. This is only possible on level 3 because the White Rabbit isn’t a target on any other level. You’ll need to locate the weapon as you progress through the first three targets, then use it to take out the final one when you’re given the chance.

The Berlin Egg Hunt is a three-part Escalation requiring you to follow objectives across three levels. Each one has objectives that escalate in risk, so you’ll need to make use of the items around you to complete it as fast as possible. The mission was initially exclusive to Hitman 3 owners, but now it’s available for anyone that owns the free version of the game, including those that play through Hitman 2016 or Hitman 2.