How to get to the island to the southwest of Limgrave in Elden Ring – Chruch of the Dragon Communion

If you want dragon magic, you’ll need to go spelunking.

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After beating the tutorial and entering the grand world of The Lands Between, players will find themselves in Limgrave. Through either exploration or finding the Limgrave West map fragment, players are likely to notice an island located off the Southwest coast of the starting area. While the island looks like a short swim away, Tarnished can’t swim, so you will need to find another path to the island. Luckily, the path forward is found nearby.

Travel through the Coastal Cave

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In order to get to the island, players will need to go through the Coastal Cave, a small dungeon located on the shore near the island. The cave is pitch black, so players will need to bring a torch with them, which can be picked up from the merchant at the Church of Elleh. The cave has a bunch of relatively easy enemies to beat prior to the boss room, which contains the twin Demi-Human Chiefs. There is a summon spot right before the boss cave, which you should probably use. The twin bosses aren’t too difficult themselves, but there is about a dozen extra mobs in the room as well.

Once these bosses are defeated, you will notice another tunnel at the back of the cave. There is a teleport there that will take you back to the start of the dungeon. Do not use it. Instead, run by it and traverse through the tunnel. There are a couple of enemies in this tunnel, but nothing overwhelming. After traveling to the cave’s exit, players will find themselves on the island southwest of Limgrave.

The Church of Dragon Communion

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The island has a grace point near the beach and a church on the top of the hill. That is The Church of Dragon Communion, where players can acquire dragon incantations, if they have a Dragon Heart on them. The church has three incantations available for purchase, Dragonfire, Dragonclaw, and Dragonmaw, all three of which cost one Dragon Heart. If you find this island early in the game, you likely don’t have a Dragon Heart yet, but now you know where to go once you get one. There are a few other items around the island to pick up and no difficult enemies to fight, so make sure you give it the once over.