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How to get to the Rethramis Border Monastery in Lost Ark

Help the people of Rethramis avoid the plague, and aid the monastery in its recovery.

At the center of the Rethramis Border lies the Regria Monastery, a small commune complete with a Triport, potion sellers, and equipment repairers that Lost Ark players will be drawn toward while questing in the region. Looking to catch up with Armen at the monastery, all the while restocking for the adventure ahead, players have more than enough reason to seek this spot out.

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Getting to the monastery

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Before players can venture further toward the monastery, they are first called to aid a ransacked caravan, pouring water from the nearby stream onto the burning carriages while defending the caravaneers from nearby plague-spreading insects. This quest — A Mystery Attack — introduces to players the mysterious plague that’s been affecting the people of Rethramis Border.

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This quest features the players’ first introductions to the pick-up-and-drop quest objective style, in which characters interact with an item to pick it up, walk it over to a destination, and place it down within an objective marker. The process of doing so can sometimes confuse first-timers, where the keys bound to their active skills are suddenly replaced by pressing E to sprint and R to put the object down.

After salvaging the caravan, Merchant Veness will direct players to the north toward the monastery, although he will warn them that the plague has spread to the monks living there. Fortunately, Armen can be found there, working to cure the afflicted with the players’ eventual aid.

Looking to get the most out of Rethramis’ content? Try looking for some collectables, starting with Prideholme’s wagon full of wheat.

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