How to get to the Underground Harbour in Hogwarts Legacy

Explore the quieter locations of Hogwarts.

There Underground Harbour is a location you will need to visit in Hogwarts Legacy to collect a specific Field Guide Page. You’ll need to do this for Professor Weasley if you want to complete one of her challenging assignments, and tracking down this location won’t be easy. You need to visit a certain part of the Hogwarts castle to progress the story. Here’s what you need to know about how to get to the Underground Harbour in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to find the Field Guide Page in the Underground Harbour in Hogwarts Legacy?

The best way to get to this location is to find your way to the Viaduct Courtyard in Hogwarts Castle. There’s a Floo Flame at this location, which should do a good amount of the work for you. You can find this area in The Great Hall region of Hogwarts, and you can proceed down to the Underground Harbour from there.

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From here, go down the stairs and then take an immediate right. You’ll find the entrance to the Underground Harbour to the right of the stairs as you make your way up. Interact with the door, and you can proceed to the location. A brief cutscene will play out as you proceed down the elevator.

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When you arrive at the Underground Harbour, proceed to the center of the docks on the left side. The Field Guide Page will be above the center. You can cast Revelio to make it appear, and you’ll be one step closer to completing Professor Weasley’s assignment and learning Transformation. The next step will put you head-to-head with one of the brightest students at school, and you’ll need to complete her quiz to win over the book.

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