How to get and summon Torrent the horse in Elden Ring

Ride like the wind.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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One of the most anticipated features of Elden Ring is the ability to ride a mount — not just for travel but in combat. The horse, named Torrent, is an important aspect of Elden Ring, but the requirements to unlock Torrent aren’t immediately clear. Here is how to get Torrent the horse in Elden Ring.

After dying to the first boss, Grafted Scion, you will see a cutscene where Torrent and the Maiden, Melina, discover you — but not much changes afterward, and they vanish. The trick to finding them again is to rest at three separate Sites of Grace in the overworld. Dungeons do not count. After resting at the third Site of Grace, Melina will appear, offering you the opportunity to form a pact with her. This is how you will level up and access the safe zone known as The Roundtable.

After meeting Melina, she will gift you with the Spectral Steed Whistle, a usable item that will summon Torrent to your side. Be aware that Torrent cannot be summoned everywhere — when the item is grayed out, Torrent is unavailable. Furthermore, Torrent has its own health bar, and taking significant damage will knock you off of Torrent, leaving you wide-open to attacks.