How to get turnip seeds in Valheim

You can create a full garden.

You want to add a variety of vegetables to your garden in Valheim. The more vegetables you have available, the wider variety of stews and meals you can make. For those looking to add turnip seeds to your homestead, there’s one notable location we’ve found them. Harvesting a turnip from the garden teaches you how to make a beneficial meal called turnip stew, boosting your health and stamina gauges. These work similarly to the carrot seeds.

The turnip seeds you can use to add to your garden can be found in the Swamp biome. We’ve discovered them on the border of several Swamp and Plains biomes, but we did not find any other sources when investigating the Plains biome. They were solely in the Swamps, so you’ll have to stick to the haunted darkness of this overly wet terrain and add them to your collection.

Next, you’ll need a cultivator to level the land back at your homestead and cultivate the earth. When the seeds go into the ground, you’ll need to wait roughly two to three days in Valheim for them to sprout fully. You can tell the plants are ready because they will read ‘turnips’ rather than having a description line telling you that they’re healthy.

If you want to acquire more turnip seeds without going to the swamps, place any turnips you’ve harvested from your garden back into the ground. After about two days, they’ll return to their seed form, and you remove those from the ground. For every one turnip you put back into the cultivated earth, you receive three seeds in return.