How to get Two Segment and Three Segment Dudunsparce in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet


Image via Game Freak

Dudunsparce is the long-awaited evolution of the notoriously useless Dunsparce, and fitting to its somewhat trollish nature is not the seraph-like Dragon-type evolution fans were expecting. Instead, we got what we deserved with Dudunsparce, which is just Dunsparce but with an extra segment to make it longer. This hilarious evolution comes in two forms: the Two-Segment Form and the Three-Segment Form. And yes, the Three-Segment Form just adds an extra segment, making it extra long.

Most players who evolve Dunsparce into Dundunsparce will get the more common variant: the Two-Segment Form. But Dunsparce super fans and dedicated Pokémon hunters will want to collect the Three-Segment Form, a rarer variant that is obtained by pure luck. Whether your Dunsparce evolves into Dudunsparce as a Two-Segment long boy or Three-Segment longer boy is up entirely to chance.

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How to get Three-Segment Form Dudunsparce

Dunsparce evolves into Dudunsparce when it levels up after learning the move Hyper Drill. This move is learned naturally by Dunsparce at Level 32, so you just need to level up your Dunsparce to get Dudunsparce. Each time you evolve Dunsparce, there is a 1/25 chance you will get a Three-Segment Form Dudunsparce. In essence, this means that your chances of getting the Three-Segment Form are much lower than 1/25.

Unlike the Family of Three Maushold, who can get the rarer variant through raids, Dudunsparce will always be a Two-Segment Form Dudunsparce. This means you cannot get the Three-Segment Form Dudunsparce through raids, so you’ll have to focus on evolving a good amount of Dunsparces. Note: The different forms do not have any different stats and abilities. The difference between the two forms are purely visual, so just collect it if you really enjoy your Dudunsparce with a little extra length.