How to get Umbral Engrams in Destiny 2

It’s all pretty standard.

Destiny 2
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Umbral Engrams have returned to Destiny 2 for the Season for the Chosen. What makes Umbral Engrams special is that they can be “focused” giving players the ability to control what kind of loot might drop from them. This allows them to pick between armor and weapons, and different loot pools within those two areas.

Umbral EngramsĀ can be decoded in the Umbral Decoder, but you can also change them, and their loot tables can be focused in the Prismatic Recaster which can be found in the H.E.L.M. You can pick what type of Engram you wish to create.

This kind of targeted way to earn loot is sure to interest lots of players out there. When it comes to getting your hands on Umbral Engrams, there are a few sources of them in the game.

  • General drops – Umbral Engrams can drop in the same way as normal Engrams. They can be earned from Strikes, Crucible, Gambit, Patrols, The Ordeal, Public Events, Blind Well, Exo Challenges, Nightmare Hunts, Empire Hunts, and other activities. They are not as common here as they previously were.
  • Battlegrounds – This is the main way that people will be getting their Umbral Engrams in the Season of the Chosen. You can run Battlegrounds to charge your Hammer of Proving and will need to smash a Tribute Chest at the end of it. This chest has a high chance of dropping an Umbral Engram. Tribute Chests will only begin to spawn for you after you hit a certain point in the Challenger’s Proving quest.

This is everything we know about getting Umbral Engrams at the moment, but we will update the guide with more information as we get through the new seasonal content.