All League Club Support Board Rewards & BP Costs in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet The Indigo Disk

Donate Blueberry Points to the Club Support Board in The Indigo Disk to unlock rewards like new throwing styles, starter Pokémon.

Club Support Board Indigo Disk

Screenshot by Gamepur

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One of the many uses for Blueberry Points in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet‘s The Indigo Disk is donating to clubs to receive special rewards. By using the computer in the League Club room, you can unlock new Poke Ball throwing styles and encounters with starter Pokémon.

Aside from the cute name, Blueberry Points (BP) are pretty essential to unlocking all the features in The Indigo Disk. I’ve had a lot of fun roaming around the Terrarium and checking off Blueberry Quests (BBQs) to gather points. And those points prove very useful when it comes to getting new gameplay options and other cool rewards. Let’s take a look at everything you can buy from the League Club Support Board and how much BP you’ll need for each.

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How to Donate Blueberry Points to the League Club Support Board

Pokemon Indigo Disk screenshot of the League Club Room's access through the blueberry academy's entrance.
Screenshot by Gamepur

To donate to the League Club Support Board in Scarlet & Violet, you need to do two things: first, you need to get out there and complete Blueberry Quests to earn Blueberry Points! Then, you need to visit the League Club Room in Blueberry Academy and click on the computer there. This opens up the League Club Support Board, where you can trade in those hard-earned Blueberry Points for a variety of rewards from clubs at Blueberry Academy.

The League Club Room is unlocked once you meet Drayton during your initial meet-up with Carmine at the Central Plaza. After some brief dialogue with Carmine, Drayton will invite you to join the club and show you around the room. With the initial tutorial out of the way, you can visit the League Club Room at any time by going to the gates at the entrance of Blueberry Academy.

Baseball Club Poke Ball Throwing Style Rewards & BP Cost

Pokemon Indigo Disk screenshot of the first Pokeball Throwing Style Donation on the PC in the League Club Room.
Screenshot by Gamepur

The very first thing you can do as a part of the Scarlet & Violet Indigo Disk League Club is unlock throwing styles. If you want to unlock new Poke Ball throwing styles, you’ll need to donate to the Baseball Club. This is the club that Drayton has you donate to as part of the Club Support Board tutorial, so you’ll get an automatic start on these rewards.

Baseball Club Donation TierBlueberry Point CostPokeball Throwing Styles Unlocked
First Baseball Club Donation150 BPLeft-Handed, Reverent, Dainty
Cool Throwing Styles150 BPSmug, Elegant
Unique Throwing Styles150 BPTwirling, Ninja
Galarian Star Style300 BPGalarian Star

You can change your throwing style at any time by donating 10 BP to the Baseball Club’s “Want to change your throwing style?” request, which is uniquely highlighted in green on the League Club Support Board. Unfortunately, the 10 BP fee is not a one-time contribution, so you’ll need to cough up the dough every time you want to change your throwing style in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Science Club Item Printer Rewards & BP Cost

Pokemon Indigo Disk screenshot of the Item Printer in the League Club Room
Screenshot by Gamepur

Your initial donation to the Science Club unlocks the Item Printer for the League Club Room in The Indigo Disk. The Item Printer is a device that lets you craft items using Pokémon materials and BP. You can get random items like Exp. Candy, evolution items, Tera Shards, and other useful things, which is a nice way to use up all those materials you’ve collected if you aren’t a fan of making a bunch of TMs.

Science Club Donation TierBlueberry Point Cost
Item Printer Donation200 BP
Print One Item (Pre-Upgrade)5 BP
Print Five Items (Pre-Upgrade)25 BP
Print 10 Items (Pre-Upgrade)50 BP
Improve Item Printer, Tier 1200 BP
Print One Item (After First Upgrade)4 BP
Print Five Items (After First Upgrade)20 BP
Print Ten Items (After First Upgrade)40 BP
Improve Item Printer, Tier 2500 BP
Improve Item Printer, Tier 31000 BP

After you’ve printed a certain number of times in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, you’ll get the option to upgrade the Item Printer with an additional donation to the Science Club. The Science Club President will let you know when you’ve reached this point by remarking on how you’ve put the printer through its paces. The first upgrade is unlocked after completing 25 print jobs, while the next upgrade takes 75 more prints to unlock. After completing the Indigo Disk’s main storyline, you can then upgrade the Item Printer a third time after 175 more prints.

Upgrading the printer the first two times decreases the cost of printing items, both in terms of Blueberry Points and Pokémon materials. This not only changes the appearance of the printer but also adds a random chance of getting double the items when you print (first upgrade) and a random chance to print Poke Balls (second upgrade). The third printer upgrade won’t decrease the cost of BP and materials, but it will allow a chance for specific Tera Shards to print.

Photography Club Photo Effects Rewards & BP Cost

Photography Club Support Board requests on the PC in the League Club Room in Indigo Disk
Screenshot by Gamepur

When you donate your BP to the Photography Club in the League Club Room, you unlock new features for your Rotom Phone camera, such as special effects. There are several tiers of Photography Club donations that earn you new effects and features in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Photography Club Donation TierBlueberry Point CostEffects / Features Unlocked
First Photography Club Donation50 BPPokedex, Focus Lines, Terastallized, Keepsake
Cool New Effects100 BPBuzzy Buzz, Sizzly Slide, Draco Meteor, Iono Zone
Cute New Effects100 BPDreamy, Fireworks, Pikachu Party, Heaps of Hearts
Touch-Up Feature150 BPTouch-Up Rotom Phone Feature
Lock-On Feature200 BPLock-On Rotom Phone Feature

Camera effects will allow you to apply various stylized borders while taking photos, while the Touch-Up feature will give you the option to overlay a painterly appearance or a crystallized appearance to a photo you just took. The Lock-On feature is an upgrade to your ability to lock-on to Pokémon and will show the gender, size, and mark of any wild Pokémon that are registered in the Pokédex.

Art Club Donation Rewards & BP Cost

Art Club Support Board Donations on the League Club PC in the Indigo Disk
Screenshot by Gamepur

Donating to the Art Club at Blueberry Academy earns you new themes you can use to redecorate your League Club Room in The Indigo Disk.

Art Club Donation LevelBlueberry Point CostThemes Unlocked
First Donation400 BPFancy, Dark
Second Donation400 BPClassic, Futuristic
Third Donation600 BPGorgeous

In addition to the cost of unlocking the themes, you’ll need to donate 300 BP to actually redecorate your League Club Room with the help of the Art Club. What a racket.

Music Club Donation Rewards & BP Cost

Pokemon Indigo Disk screenshot of the Music Club Speaker sitting on a table in the League Club Room.
Screenshot by Gamepur

When you donate 50 BP to the Music Club in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, you can unlock the ability to use a smart speaker to play music in your League Club Room.

Once you have the smart speaker, you can make additional donations to the Music Club to earn new albums that you can set as the soundtrack while you’re in The Indigo Disk’s League Club Room. These musical collections let you play soundtracks from other areas in the game while you’re hanging out in the clubroom donating all your Blueberry Points to earn rewards. The albums you can unlock are:

Music Club Album Blueberry Point Cost
Outdoor Adventure Album100 BP
Town Tunes Album100 BP
Famous Destinations Album100 BP
Kitakami Album100 BP
Special Songs Album250 BP

Terarium Club Donation Rewards & BP Cost

Pokemon Indigo Disk screenshot of Coastal Biome upgrade on the PC in the League Club Room.
Screenshot by Gamepur

Donating to the Terrarium Club boosts the biodiversity of different biomes within The Indigo Disk’s Terrarium. In other words, you unlock new Pokémon to catch! These are by far the most expensive Club Donation Rewards but they also arguably offer the highest perk because they let you catch starter Pokémon. Each of these biodiversity upgrades will unlock different starter Pokémon based on the biome you choose. Here’s the list of donation rewards and the Biomes they unlock.

Terarium Club Biome BoostedBlueberry Point CostsStarter Pokémon Unlocked
Savanna Biome3000 BPCharmander, Totodile, Fennekin, Rowlet, Snivey, Sobble,
Coastal Biome3000 BPBulbasaur, Chikorita, Froakie, Grookey, Mudkip, Popplio
Canyon Biome3000 BPSquirtle, Tepig, Treecko, Turtwig, Litten, Chespin
Polar Piome3000 BPCyndaquill, Torchic, Chimchar, Oshawott, Piplup, Scorbunny, Chespin

The Secret Boss of Blueberry Academy

Once you’ve finished the Indigo Disk’s main story in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, you’ll unlock the ability to invite Special Coaches to the League Club Room via the PC. Trade Pokémon with 10 of these Special Coaches, and you’ll be able to make a mysterious contribution of 10 BP to invite the secret boss of Blueberry Academy and challenge the League’s final boss. We’ll preserve the mystery of who this special boss is, but if you manage to beat them, you’ll earn yourself a pocket full of cash and the opportunity to trade for a very special Shiny Pokémon.

To trade with Special Coaches, you’ll need to invite them to the League Club Room at least three times. Each invitation costs 200 BP, so you’ll have to contribute at least 600 BP to trade with a single Special Coach. This means, that if you want to challenge the League’s secret boss, you’ll need to save up 6,010 BP for 30 Special Coach invitations and the actual donation to summon the boss.

Initially, you’ll only have access to Paldea’s eight Gym Leaders, but you can unlock more Special Coaches by completing friendship quests with teachers at your academy back in Paldea and trading with several various coaches in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.