How to get Walker Brains in No Man’s Sky, and what they do

Break their bodies so you can make something new.


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No Man’s Sky is filled with resources and elements that you can gather as you explore its countless planets and galaxies. One of these items is Walker Brains, added with the Frontiers update, but it’s unclear what it’s used for. This guide explains how you get Walker Brains and how to use them to help you be a better explorer.

Where do you get Walker Brains?

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There are a few places where you can get Walker Brains in No Man’s Sky. The most obvious is from a Sentinel Walker, but you’ll need to land on a planet with a high Sentinel presence and start a fight with the machines to provoke and draw one out. You can loot the Walker Brain from the machine’s body once you kill it. However, you can also get Walker Brains from the Mercenaries Guild Envoy, in Suspicious Packets, as a reward from missions on the mission board or from Nexus missions. The easiest way to guarantee yourself some Walker Brains is fighting a Sentinel Walker, though.

All Walker Brains crafting recipes

There are only two recipes that use Walker Brains. These are as follows.

  • 1 Walker Brains + 1 Wiring Loom = 1 Conflict Scanner
  • 1 Walker Brains + 50 Gold = 1 Explosive Drone

As you can see, Walker Brains are useful for creating defensive and offensive weapons that compliment your Multi-Tool in a fight. However, they’re only really worth crafting if you aim to defend a settlement or hunt down a Sentinel Nest.