How to get your pre-order and special edition content in Far Cry 6

You get what you paid for.

Far Cry 6

Image via Ubisoft

There is a lot of free stuff in Far Cry 6, depending on what you purchased and when. With pre-order bonuses and special editions that contain all manner of items, you may be wondering when you will get your hands on those items.

If you jumped into the game and instantly started looking for your cyborg eye or disc launcher, then you will need to wait a while. Players will need to play to a certain point in the campaign before their free goodies will arrive in their inventory.

Players will need to reach and finish a mission called The Guerilla for this to happen. This will take place after the very first island, which acts as something of a tutorial area for players. Players will need to complete eight different missions on the first island before they will get access to boats, the ability to travel between islands themselves, and their free items.

This should only take a couple of hours and involves introducing players to some simple mechanics and story elements before setting them free in the game to do what they want and go where they please. The items will automatically appear in the relevant parts of their inventory, such as Amigos, Gear, and Arsenal.