How to Groovy a card in Disney Twisted-Wonderland

Let’s get Groovy!

Image via Aniplex

If you’ve played gacha games with cards before, you may be familiar with blooming. Blooming is when you can evolve a card, making it more powerful. Disney Twisted-Wonderland features blooming but it is instead called Groovification. You can Groovy all the cards in the game, but it’s not as simple as you might think.

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you want to Groovy a card, you’ll need to fulfill the requirements which are different depending on who is the featured character as well the card’s rarity.

  • R cards: One piece of candy, reach card level 20 or higher, read part one of the card’s Vignette
  • SR cards: Three pieces of candy, reach level 30 or higher, read part two of the card’s Vignette
  • SSR cards: Five pieces of candy, level 40 or higher card level, and reading part three of its Vignette

We recommend leveling up your card by picking that card’s featured character as your study partner then doing both History (Card Level) and Flying lessons (Vignette Level) with him. Your study partner gets prioritization in leveling, meaning they’ll get more experience than the other students on your team during lessons. You can also give your card the various experience items you get from these lessons to make them level up in either Card Level or Vignette Level much faster.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Now onto the tedious part of this process: getting the candies. Candies can be obtained through Alchemy daily lessons. However, it’s not as simple as playing through them. You’ll have to wait until the character whose card you want to Groovy is available for Alchemy so the candy you need can drop. If you aren’t sure when that character has Alchemy, you can head over to the Alchemy lesson and click on the calendar icon. This will give you a preview of the schedule, which will show off when each character can do Alchemy. This schedule shows up to five days in advance, allowing you to plan ahead.