How to guess the pitch in MLB The Show 22

What could be coming in?

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As a hitter in MLB The Show 22, you have a distinct advantage in an at-bat if you know what the pitcher is about to throw. Giving yourself the confirmation that you know what the ball is about to do as it is coming in will provide you with much better odds of making hard contact, likely leading to better results. Here is how to guess a pitch in MLB The Show 22.

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Before you can guess pitches in MLB The Show 22, check to ensure the setting is enabled. Go to Settings, Gameplay, and then use R2, RT, or ZR to go to the Advanced section on Batting & Baserunning. There are four different types of Guess Pitch you can use.

When you have one of the guess pitch settings turned on, hold down the right trigger on your controller before the pitcher begins their wind-up. You can then move the left stick to choose an area of the strike zone you think the pitch will go and what pitch type they are using. If you’re right, you will be given a different reward depending on your chosen setting.

  • Classic – If you choose the right pitch but not zone, the ball will flash blue after leaving the pitcher’s hand. If you guess both right, you will be shown the exact location it will pass through the zone.
  • No Feedback – If you guess both the right pitch and the zone, your controller will vibrate, letting you know it will come to that area but not show you the exact location.
  • PCI – If you guess the pitch and area correctly, a red highlight will show you approximately where the pitch is coming. You still control the PCI to locate your swing.
  • Quadrant – If you guess both the pitch and area correctly, the game will move your PCI and highlight approximately where the ball is going.