How to have puppies in DogLife

Everyone loves puppies.

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While you play DogLife, you are managing the simulated life of your animal. While you can certainly live your life as a lone wolf, there are options to expand your family beyond just the humans and other adult animals around you. Here is how to have puppies in DogLife.

To make puppies in DogLife, you will need a male and a female dog to mate. Now that we got the birds and the bees discussion out of the way, here are some simple tips to make that happen.

As a female

If you are playing as a female dog, you will eventually get notices that you are in heat. The game will give you options to let out pheromones, take care of it another way, or suffer through it. If you let out pheromones, there is a chance a male dog will approach you, and you can choose to do the deed from there. If you live in a household and there are no male dogs around, there is a chance a neighbor dog will come over, but not necessarily a good chance. Also, relationships are not necessarily key in whether dogs will mate or not. We have seen dogs with full relationship bars not mate and ones with empty bars do, so it seems to be up to chance.

After mating, age up and you should have some puppies to name. Keep in mind that unless you live on the street, at least some of your puppies will likely be given away.

As a male

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On the other side, if you are playing as a male dog, you will need to manage relationships much better to have puppies. Interact with female dogs that show they are in heat by showing them love, cuddling, and nuzzling. Even with a high relationship, there is no guarantee that the female will let you get close to her. It kind of ends being a random thing after you choose to mate.

Random occurrences

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While you age up and continue through your dog’s life, pay attention to the messages that pop up when you decide to age up. If a dog is in heat or another is interested in you, you will see messages that give you opportunities to get close with another dog. There are also chances where you can have multiple males, which will end in the game telling you two dogs fathered the puppies.